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eGuide: 3 Key Strategies for Closing the Customer Experience Gap

You may be mapping the customer journey but are you mapping the full customer experience?
Are you effectively bridging the gap between the in-person & digital experience?
If your customer experience is not consistent in any way your customers could be losing sight of you
and choosing another option as they move among channels.
Every moment counts.
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> Gaining better quality customer relationships
> Generating higher deposits and loans
> Increasing loyalty and repeat business 

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The majority of banking customers (88%) use two or more channels to interact with their bank, and 46% use three or more channels within a 12-month period. (Frost & Sullivan)


Brands who leverage omnichannel customer engagement strategies boast a customer retention rate of 89% compared to only 33% for companies with a weak omnichannel presence. (Aberdeen Group)

75% of customers expect a consistent experience wherever they engage (e.g., website, social media, mobile, in person) (Salesforce)