Lenders Innovating Through Crisis and Recovery in the Post-COVID World

The live event may be over, but the insights and guidance that came out  of this thought-provoking discussion are yours to keep. 

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Unprecedented. Unexpected. Unfathomable. No matter how you describe the current financial crisis caused by COVID-19, it’s impact on our world is undeniable. Financial lenders, along with many others in the financial system, have served as a guiding light for every essential (and non-essential) business in the United States. 

Fintech Shares presents this roundtable-style webinar discussion featuring leaders in the fintech and lending industry who are pioneering a new way forward in response to this crisis.


Jason Henrichs

CEO, Alloy Labs Alliance,, and FinTech Forge


Jason Henrichs, CEO at Alloy Labs Alliance, and FinTech Forge

Jason bridges the gap between large organizations and the fintech ecosystem to innovate in a highly regulated environment. He's passionate about solving problems that leave the world a better place, especially in financial services. Jason’s been a founder, venture capitalist, executive, board member, advisor, angel investor and mentor in the startup world for two decades.

Patrick Davis

VP, Program Strategy & Development, Community Reinvestment Fund, USA (CRF)


Patrick Davis, VP at CRF USA

Patrick works at the intersection of capital markets, technology, and community and economic development to create solutions that increase the flow of capital to historically underinvested communities and people.

Laura Kozien

SVP, Pursuit Lending


Laura Kozien, SVP at Pursuit Lending

Laura has spent her career in financial services marketing and currently serves as Senior Vice President and Director of Marketing at Pursuit. The organization offers a variety of loan options to businesses that need terms, requirements or products not offered at traditional banks.

Greg Ott

CEO, Nav


Greg Ott, CEO at Nav

Greg is the CEO of Nav, a company that matches business owners with their best financing options for free. Greg has more than 20 years of experience as an executive and leader within both startups and Fortune 500 corporations. 

Rory Holland, CEO at CSTMR

Host & Moderator

Rory Holland | CEO, CSTMR

Rory has been helping fintech and financial services companies leverage digital marketing to drive growth and revenues for more than 20 years. He’s the founder and CEO of CSTMR, a fintech and financial services digital marketing agency on a mission to empower people to live more fulfilling, confident, and successful lives.